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Did you know that Pastes originate from the United Kingdom?

Their origins go back to the 18th century, where their unique shape meant they could be eaten as a complete, warm meal without the use of cutlery.

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Puff Pastes

Behind the taste

Cornwall miners brought the idea to Real del Monte, Mexico, where locals were so amazed by their unique shape, they decided to start filling them with their own Mexican recipes. 

One of the owner’s grandparent provided the recipe, we (the owners) started to make them in our home city Guadalajara in 2011; after migrating to Canada, we decided to share this amazing recipe with Canadians.

We hope you can enjoy them as much as we do.


Behind the taste

Sofia Richie Sofia Richie
Sofia Richie

Chief chef

Harvey Dent Harvey Dent
Harvey Dent

Chief chef

Emilia Clarke Emilia Clarke
Emilia Clarke

Chief chef

Sam Claflin Sam Claflin
Sam Claflin

Chief chef

Puff Pastes says yes to Green Alternatives!

With all recent events that have happened around the world, we feel it is urgent that we make some important changes in order to do our part to help preserve this beautiful planet.
Our philosophy is, was, and it always be to provide a delicious, quality paste without damaging the environment.


In order to do this, here are the measures we have taken so far:


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